History of Robstown Cemetery:

In the early 1900's, several settlers in the Robstown, Texas area began donating a small area of land to the Robstown Cemetery, for burial purposes of their loved ones. The oldest gravesite in the Robstown Cemetery is dated 1911. In the early 1930's, as more land was donated to the Robstown Cemetery by local families owning land near the cemetery, a Non-Profit Association was established to handle the business of selling burial plots in the Cemetery, and to handle the business management of the permanent maintenance of the Robstown Cemetery. In 2018, the City of Robstown assigned the permanent address of 801 N. Upshaw Blvd., as part of the 911-Emergency Services update. The Robstown Cemetery remains located near the intersection of Bus. 77 and Hwy. 44, adjacent to several other cemetery's owned and managed by other Robstown organizations/entities.

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